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How to get funding for opening a business best loan offer

Working without a boss, implementing your own plans and visions – in a word, your own business – is the dream of many people who have very well defined their professional expectations. For most, the key to taking the first independent steps in the business world is finance, or rather the lack of it. It is difficult to start your own business when the wallet is empty, especially if the future business requires the involvement of people and the purchase of appropriate equipment.

However, this does not remove anyone from the list of potential business sharks. In addition to the idea, it is important to raise funds, which on the one hand may seem like an unattainable matter, and on the other, it is an opportunity that the vast majority can reach after all.

Wide possibilities to start


Contrary to appearances, obtaining money to start a business is not as difficult as it may seem, and even more limited to one option. Of course, for many, the first thought will be to get a loan from friends and family.

However, apart from the illusory feeling that it is a safe solution – it may turn out that along with this step we will cross out the good relations with our dear people. Better solutions include subsidies and loans, as well as the famous Business Incubators.


They have enjoyed unflagging interest for many years. Subsidies from the European Union implemented in the years 2007 – 2013 were the best offer of this type. Those interested could count on a non-returnable amount of approximately USD 40,000 and help in paying social security contributions.

Currently, not much is happening in this matter, a new project within the EU has not been outlined. However, you can still apply for a good subsidy from the Labor Office – this is about USD 20,000 

Preferential loans

Preferential loans

The best solution when it comes to loans is joining the government’s “First Business – Startup Support” program. The pilot plan, which has not been so busy until now, has a round pool of funds to be allocated. The beneficiary is 7 years old to pay back the contract, and the amount bears interest at only 0.44% per annum.

Importantly, high school and college graduates can apply for funds from this pool. The money obtained should be used to start a business or employ an unemployed person. The total amount you can count on is over USD 80,000.

Loyal bank customers who have so far obtained a positive verification rating can take advantage of individually prepared offers. In this case, the path depends on the characteristics of the bank and its loan plan. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get support in this way, especially if our current income is low or irregular.

Unique projects can count on the support of so-called business angels


Which are active entrepreneurs who support their clients in the long term? The idea has nothing to do with the so-called private loans, it is completely secure and legal. In other words, these angels invest in innovative ideas not only their financial resources but also are a kind of mentors.

There are several renowned institutions in Poland that associate people willing to take part in the program and invest in newly established companies. Entrepreneurship Incubators known for years that support technological projects operate in a similar way.

Searching for the best solution should be guided primarily by the specifics of future operations. If it has innovation and finds a niche on the market, there are many indications that getting financial support is only a matter of time.


Merging credits? Grouping your loans: smart!

What is it exactly?

What is it exactly?

If you want to aggregate your credits, does that mean that you only have 1 loan left? About. Suppose you have several loans. And you wish to open another one. Until you suddenly lose track of your payments and administrative formalities. Many families have multiple loans (with or without installments). This can be a mortgage loan, a green energy loan or something else. That usually varies per family. The point is, you want to avoid chaos. So your credit institution thinks along with you.

Therefore, most lenders and financial institutions offer you the opportunity to bundle your current repayment plans into a new loan. By combining credits , you can see the status of your loan and repayments at a glance . Useful! Interest will also be a lot lower, which will also play to your advantage.

“But what if my credits don’t all go to the same bank?” you may think. There is a solution for this: you can buy it off. Perhaps there are some – almost negligible – costs involved. But merging your credits is still a strategic move.

When is this of interest to you?

When is this of interest to you?

  • You have more than one loan
  • You would like to save on the costs that loans sometimes entail
  • You wish to change the monthly repayment amount
  • You need a clear overview of all your credits

Merging credits, how does this work in practice? Well, once you have submitted an application to your bank or credit institution, it will carry out an analysis. Are your credits held together in one central point? This usually concerns the National Bank of Belgium and your bank can quickly find out how much you pay monthly. And to which credits your repayments belong. Although it is wise to map out all your loans and credits beforehand. Also consider revolving credits, personal loans and other installment loans. Bundle them with your credit cards, mail order credits and outstanding lease contracts.

By combining the correct data, you gain clear insight into important parameters:

  • How much is that interest exactly?
  • Which remaining term applies?
  • What additional costs should you take into account?
  • What is the monthly installment amount?

Would you like to get a helicopter view of all these things? This facilitates the analysis and the application for your bank and at the same time offers you a reassuring feeling. Usually, a credit institution will also verify the status of your repayment capacity. Chances are she will check your payroll data for this. Based on this, a proposal is made with regard to the aggregation of your credits.

Do you need expert advice? Completely tailored to your profile? Please contact the Good Finance! We listen to and understand your wishes and needs like no other. We are happy to advise you and look for the most economical solution with you. This makes merging credits a real relief. So do not hesitate and reap the benefits of this financial solution today: contact us and request a proposal!

Whether that can be done with any credit? Well, that depends. Every financial institution has different conditions. But at the Vlaams Krediethuis we guarantee a flexible approach, completely tailored to your wishes and expectations. This way we ensure that you get the most out of your bank account!

And what if you do nothing? Do you have some current loans and wish to take out an additional one? All well and good, but if you have multiple loan types (one or more credit cards included) you may run into some problems:

  • Your monthly expenses are skyrocketing, which is obviously not a good sign
  • It is very easy – and perhaps tempting – to revoke past repayments of a revolving credit. Result: you will pay more interest and the amount owed will increase
  • Rates, interest rates, installment plans and the like are different for each loan. The main features may even be so different that you lose track

More about Good Finance

More about Good Finance

Are you planning to build or renovate? Are you dreaming of a new car, just because or because your previous vehicle failed? Did the weather gods cause disaster, damage to your home or one of your vehicles? Unfortunately, setbacks almost always cost money. And most of the time it is about more money than you immediately have available.

Whatever situation you are in, the Good Finance offers you tailored advice. In addition, you will always receive support regarding the options for different types of credit. The Good Finance is a recognized credit broker with headquarters in Willebroek. As credit experts, we are happy to work with you to find out which loans may be of most interest to you. You will receive clear and transparent information from us – without small print and therefore also without worries.