Company loan only on income

When running a company and optimizing taxes, we must take into account that banks will be reluctant to provide financing. This is because most ability calculations are based on income in other words, when we buy some items and are depreciated, our income decreases.

The costs associated with the company will reduce your income


And thus reduce your tax. Nobody likes to pay high taxes, that’s why there are banks that are not based on income and are interested in income, which is then converted into approximate income.

There are other situations where such financing will allow us to increase turnover or get larger contracts – such financing is based on the so-called forecast, i.e. the bank estimates to what extent a given loan will increase revenues.

Which banks calculate income based on income?

Which banks calculate income based on income?

Good Finance Bank – to assess creditworthiness, it needs an account statement for a period of 7 months together with documents such as PIT for the previous year and settlement for the current period depending on the form of settlement (KPIR, P&L, income tables, etc.).

This bank sends a monitoring inquiry where, with the best Credit Checker scores, it is possible to infer based on a turnover with no income recorded. To calculate the capacity, we need several data such as:

Net income = 100% (or 90%) * (X% * average monthly turnover – installments of liabilities – maintenance costs)

To calculate X%, we need average account turnover for a period of 7 months, corrected by cost adjustment in a given industry. And the converter when it comes to industries, we take for calculations:

  • 80% for public trust professions such as a doctor, notary public, bailiff legal counsel, etc.
  • 70% for financial or insurance service activities;
  • 60% for other service activities;
  • 50% for service activities in the construction and transport industry;
  • 40% for gastronomy, production, and retail;
  • 10% for wholesale trade;

The cost of living in the formula is based on the table depending on the number of people in the household and for 1 person we take about 1100 USD, 2 people are about 1820 USD, 3 people are 2750 USD, 4 people is 3440 USD and 5 people costs 4230 USD. Good Credit Bank – I will soon complete the description after verification.

E-Money Bank – this bank calculates income on the basis of income as well as the forecast or potential growth is included. Soon a supplement.