What Bank Will Grant Seaman Cash Contract Loan

Seafarers are a small but well-liked professional group by banks and this is due to their relatively high earnings. The specificity of their work looks different than in the case of standard employment because after departure they are at sea for some time, e.g. 2 months and then have a month off.

Banks do not see this problem, however, as long as such a contract has been around for a long time and there are remuneration transfers to a personal account. Salary can be transferred in any currency because shipowners are usually foreign companies with headquarters scattered around the world.

Which banks will grant a loan to a seaman?

Which banks will grant a loan to a seaman?

E-Money – requires that the contract has been for a minimum of 24 months. A full extract with receipts from the employer in 12 months and a seaman’s book with completed stamps are needed.

Inflows can be in USD or in another currency and E-Money grants loans up to USD 180,000 gross and for a maximum period of 120 months. The process is not difficult and calmly such clients go through. Terms and conditions depending on the current promotion are good.

In order, we need PIT or a statement from the Tax Office on the achieved income (if we do not settle in PL then smaller amounts can do without this document based on receipts and contracts only).

An account statement for 12 months

An account statement for 12 months

Together with contracts for this period is required. Contracts, if they are in a foreign language, should be translated, but sometimes it can be bypassed by translating this document with the bank’s advisor.

Good Finance – the contract must be at least 24 months with receipts directly to the bank account. If the invoice is credited less frequently than every 3 months, the application from the machine goes to the headquarters where the decision-maker is on the analyst’s side. Net income is calculated on the basis of transfers from the last 12 months. Available amounts are the same as for other offers, i.e. max USD 200,000 for 120 months.

Good lender – the bank calculates the minimum duration of such employment from entries in the seaman’s book and cannot be less than 24 months. Additionally, in the last 12 months, there may not be breaks longer than 6 months and the signed contract may not be shorter than 6 months ahead. Available amounts for seafarers are up to USD 200,000 for 120 months.

Good Credit – for this bank, the minimum employment period is 12 months and this is checked on the basis of depictions and depictions from the seaman’s book. Earnings certificate is required for a period of 3 months and for this 3 confirmation of inflows, e.g. bank statements, postal orders. Good Credit grants loans up to USD 150,000, however, the experience is simplified up to USD 100,000 gross, i.e. about USD 90-95,000 depending on the current offer.

I am a sailor but I don’t know where to get a loan?

I am a sailor but I don

Hitting here may appear questions about the process and possible hints where the chances are the best for a loan. Of course, I will gladly help because I prepared this text based on my own experience with such clients. I don’t live by the sea and yet I was able to prepare and help with getting a loan for several sailors.